Sunday, September 23, 2012

What a week!

So, we've been here over a week. And what a week+ it's been! On the short list of accomplishments:
  • All furniture/boxes delivered from storage
  • Moved out of rental
  • Got the rest of the stored items from my mother's place
  • Sealed all that tile and grout
  • Blinds bought and installed for bedrooms (Levalor Custom Now from Lowe's -- super impressed). Handy husband rocks!
  • Additional appliances delivered from Sears (fridge, washer/dryer, deep freeze, microwave)
  • The husband and my dad installed the microwave and 
  • Installed our garage door opener. Husband bought a fancy Whisper Drive one from Chamberlain. Have to say it's the quietest garage door I've ever heard.
  • Husband added additional seed and turf starter to the yard (and mowed!).
  • Bought a million things at Home Depot and Lowes during our near daily trips
  • Bought many more fun things at HomeGoods and Target. (Because a new house requires new tupperware for me and some new melamine dishes for the kiddos)
  • Installed rope lights in the master bedroom
Oh, and somewhere in there we got about 80 percent unpacked. At least the main living areas are set up  and I managed to figure out the puzzle that is the kitchen. The kitchen is huge! But since it's so open there are not a ton of upper cabinets. And some of those are very skinny. But I think we've got it to a good working place. 

A few pics:

We were thrilled to see that our dining room table fits fully extended -- in case 10 people randomly drop by for dinner. Seriously, though, will come in handy when we host Thanksgiving. 
Absolutely loving our fridge! They had to take the handles off to get it in the front door, but it fits in the space perfectly. 

The slimline ice maker really makes a huge difference. 

Newly installed microwave!

My kids think that this should be called the "evening room" not the "morning room" since they eat breakfast at the kitchen island and we eat dinner here. The husband's old Crate and Barrel table works great here with the extension in.

The white stools have to go, but this old Pottery Barn cabinet has found a lovely new home. 

This is my favorite piece from the old house and unexpectedly the background perfectly pulls the colors from the stone on one of my favorite parts of the new house. And a little backstory: When we were dating long distance, the husband would often take photos of flowers and send them to me (in addition to lots of real flower deliveries). He took this photo of flowers he bought for me shortly after moving in with us (and my favorite kind, no less). It's a beautiful photo, but it also carries much meaning and love. =)

Probably the funniest surprise of the house -- turns out my office furniture is the same exact color as our walls! Guess just what room moved up to priority 1 in decorating and painting?

Anyone come up with a good solution to shower product storage? This is what we've come up with so far. Not crazy about having anything on the glass but am otherwise stumped about where to put my shampoo (other than clutter up the bench). Also pictured my first decor purchase. Loved this basket from HomeGoods! 

Came home from a hair appointment the other night to this lovely bedroom surprise. Loving the rope lights.
All-in-all, we're happy as pigs in shit. We love this house!


  1. Everything looks great ....I like the after closing microwave...were doing the same thing. Was it difficult to install?

    1. Not terribly difficult, I don't think. Took the husband and my dad (an electrician) a few hours -- mostly because RH had not left us a plug for it, but had directly run power to the vent/hood. If there's still time, I'd confirm with RH that they put a dedicated plug in there for you.

  2. Everything looks great! Impressive for only being in the house for a week.

    I will probably do something like someone posted on this blog for the shower accessories... second picture down... I've seen it done using an expandable shower curtain rod along the back wall of the shower to hold the little racks/baskets.

    1. I love that idea! Thanks for the tip!

  3. lookin good...don't u feel super productive?!!

  4. Looks great! We bought a little stainless steel shower caddy. I keep it on the seat (it doesn't take up much space and it has little compartments) but if guests come it's easily tucked in the cabinet.

  5. Were the rope lights hard to install? Did you have an outlet put inside the trey ceiling (or tray, depending on what I read? They just started framing ours so if we need to include one, hopefully they will let me.

    1. We had RH hold down the trim on the trays. Normally they mount the trim at the top ceiling level, but if you ask, they will keep it toward the bottom. It creates the space to put the lights in. We also had RH add a switched outlet in both trays (we've also got one in our dining room). They kept them sideways so you can't really see them unless you get on a step stool.

      Installing was easy then -- just throw the rope lights up there and plug them in. Good luck!

  6. You have been busy but having fun!! Love it all, great idea with the rope lights!

  7. Wow, you guys have been productive. I am very impressed! Have you slept at all the past week? lol. Everything looks great. I love all of your furniture.

  8. You're on a roll! Now come and help me caulk the built in bookcases in our office so I can finally show them off!

  9. Sooooo nice and loving the Study....and love your placement of the desk, I may steal your idea!!PRE meeting our PM indicated he would set up that space for an easy installation....

  10. hi!!! im looking for a 8-10 people dining room set, may i ask where you got yours???

    1. Crate and Barrel. It's the Pranzo table, which I bought about 6 years ago. They carry an updated version called Pranzo II. What I like about it is that it extends really big (seats 10 very comfortably and 12 in a squish), but also compacts down to a nice 4-6 size.

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