Friday, August 31, 2012

Commence list-making!

OK, who am I kidding, I'm constantly making lists. One of life's greatest joys is making lists ... and then crossing stuff off! (Oh, if only I were joking. Hello crazy Type A lady.)

We close two weeks from today. Among the things crossed off the list:
-- Movers arranged
-- Garbage pick-up set up
-- Verizon scheduled for Fios
-- Appraisal done and looks good
-- Home insurance arranged

And we should (knock on wood, emailing again to confirm) be in the clear with NVR for closing.

Lots more to do (packing, blind-buying, garage door opener purchase/installation, other utilities, etc.) but we're getting close!

At the house, the to-do list includes painting, wall-patching/touchups, a few electrical things, carpet and lawn.

Here's a few more pics:

Double wall ovens (they're not that blue - it's a protective film)


Toilets and sinks are in! And working -- I even tested one ;)

Railings polyurethaned.

Laundry tub in.

Sink and faucet (with built-in sprayer) in.

Took this one for Tammigirl. Big air return -- with filter. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tile love

I'm finally back from a solid week on the road for work! Still digging out from email, mail and back-to-school paperwork. And of course, starting all the moving, closing prep. Knock-on-wood we're supposedly in the clear with NVR on re-approval, our home owners is locked down, movers are scheduled and tomorrow I start the Fios negotiations (love them and hate them). And of course house progress marches on!

As you may, or may not, recall our Rusmer flooring/tile person was the best and allowed us to go off the grid and pick some non-standard options. We busted the budget on it, certainly, but the results are coming in and they are ...



worth it!

So excited. I may never leave the bathroom. Here's how it's looking:

We got them to do the subway tile all the way to the ceiling. 

It's a ton more work than the big squares and I'm pretty sure the tile installer hates us for it --
but he's doing an awesome job!

There will be a glass partition between the shower and tub.

We had them do the shower seat and the tub deck in the same marble-looking porcelain tile that we're doing on the floor. Husband's fabulous idea. 

Close up of the glass tile. They've got a sllight bamboo pattern to them. (Also a reflection of a very cute polka dot Kate Spade iPhone case =)

Floor - here in the potty room. He's done a great job lining up the veining.

In addition to finishing up the tile work, they're doing wall patching and painting. Plumbers are starting to install toilets. Cabinet trim is in -- although we've got some cabinets and hardware that's less than level :/

Laundry room linoleum. Soon to be totally mud-covered by two little boys. 

Shelves up in my closet.

Floor tiled in the boys' bathroom.

Security, check.

View from the dining room toward the family room.

Fireplace is working!

A little more than two weeks to go! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Paving!

Still the hubby posting.  Wife is out of town still, though it's her birthday.


The Most Awesome Wife Ever!
As promised... new and improved pictures of the amazing progress.
Topsoil waiting to be spread out.  Hopefully this will be a nice and semi-level front yard. 
(Fingers Crossed)

 Paving the way!  We added 5" to the back and 3" to the sides.

Another outside shot. 

A view of both front coach lights.

Any clue as to what this is?  I'm guessing it's more shoddy Guardian work. I mean really... just a couple wires shooting out of the siding? 

 Speaking of siding, The guys that did all of it have been gone for a couple days.  I wonder if they know that they are missing some scaffolding.

What is this?

 A view of the floor in the extended laundry.  Not to worry, we got linoleum.  This is the subfloor that they put down beneath it.  Pretty sure that no matter what, it will be impossible to peel off when it's all complete.

Luna Pearl Granite

More Granite 

Really it's super cool.  Nice and white.

Oh.. and we have both power & lights! 


Does anyone know of a better way to place a plug in a stone fireplace?  I've suggested just putting stone up to a flush outlet.  Currently this BEAUTIFUL fireplace will need something on the mantle to hide this box. 

Yes, Saved the best for last.  The Samoan Mahogany. I asked that they save the scraps for me and they did.  At least enough for me to work on a few things.  Like: testing what will scratch it and how to buff out light marks, making a side table or two....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wifeless Woodwork....and tile!

Another post from the hubby while the wife is away.  
The twelve year old in me want's to say something about wood that might not be appropriate for the masses.  For those of you out there like me, I know you're smiling right now. =) 

 Sorry it's messy, but I'm amazed at how much they were able to do in just a couple hours.

While some were hitting hard wood (snicker), others were laying tile.... our bathroom floor tile. A ceramic that looks like cararra marble. Pre-Grout (We opted for a white grout). The installer took the time to kind of line up the lines in the tile as well as giving almost perfect gridlines. Tomorrow... the subway tile.

Darker tile in the boys bathroom. 

 Dining room with chandelier.
The picture makes Ryan's "antique white" look passable. 

Heaven!  More precisely real Samoan Mahogany!  I really cannot describe how awesome it looks in person.  I promise more/better pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What happens while the wife is out of town...

Todays' post is brought to you by the husband keeping an eye on the house.... 

 Siding is all done

 Two TempStar 1.5 ton units (Personally I think these are too small for the house.)

 Our Incredible stone fireplace.  The PM is working on a solution to better place/hide the electrical outlet.

 Wire shelving in the upstairs linen closet.
 Fiberock for the tile installation

Priorities are very clear here!  Also to note, there should never be an excuse not to replace the roll. (Just saying) 
 The wife's closet. 
 The boy's bathroom with dual sinks.

A view of the siding installation from inside.

Our bathroom tile.

A view into the pantry. 

A view from the back. 

Luna Pearl..... It's WAY better in person.

Double Oven... Hells yeah! 

Luna Pearl with the side. 

 Master bath lights.

Lights in the boy's bath. 

Chandelier (Duh)!