Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What happens while the wife is out of town...

Todays' post is brought to you by the husband keeping an eye on the house.... 

 Siding is all done

 Two TempStar 1.5 ton units (Personally I think these are too small for the house.)

 Our Incredible stone fireplace.  The PM is working on a solution to better place/hide the electrical outlet.

 Wire shelving in the upstairs linen closet.
 Fiberock for the tile installation

Priorities are very clear here!  Also to note, there should never be an excuse not to replace the roll. (Just saying) 
 The wife's closet. 
 The boy's bathroom with dual sinks.

A view of the siding installation from inside.

Our bathroom tile.

A view into the pantry. 

A view from the back. 

Luna Pearl..... It's WAY better in person.

Double Oven... Hells yeah! 

Luna Pearl with the side. 

 Master bath lights.

Lights in the boy's bath. 

Chandelier (Duh)! 


  1. awesome update!

    Brownie points! Can you get my husband to post something? ;)

  2. My husband has trouble finding our blog to read my updates, let alone posting something himself - and he gets email notifications!!!! Well done.

    The house looks awesome - am loving the stone fireplace and granite. Really sharp.

  3. I love my double wall ovens! It's in my top 5 of the best upgrades we paid for!

  4. Great job hubby!!! I cannot wait to see your cabinets and granite unveiled! They look really good so far.

  5. Hubby did fantastic WJ! Ha ha He even put the cute captions!! Love it!! His humor is pretty cool!

  6. Jealous of your pantry... it's so big!