Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tile love

I'm finally back from a solid week on the road for work! Still digging out from email, mail and back-to-school paperwork. And of course, starting all the moving, closing prep. Knock-on-wood we're supposedly in the clear with NVR on re-approval, our home owners is locked down, movers are scheduled and tomorrow I start the Fios negotiations (love them and hate them). And of course house progress marches on!

As you may, or may not, recall our Rusmer flooring/tile person was the best and allowed us to go off the grid and pick some non-standard options. We busted the budget on it, certainly, but the results are coming in and they are ...



worth it!

So excited. I may never leave the bathroom. Here's how it's looking:

We got them to do the subway tile all the way to the ceiling. 

It's a ton more work than the big squares and I'm pretty sure the tile installer hates us for it --
but he's doing an awesome job!

There will be a glass partition between the shower and tub.

We had them do the shower seat and the tub deck in the same marble-looking porcelain tile that we're doing on the floor. Husband's fabulous idea. 

Close up of the glass tile. They've got a sllight bamboo pattern to them. (Also a reflection of a very cute polka dot Kate Spade iPhone case =)

Floor - here in the potty room. He's done a great job lining up the veining.

In addition to finishing up the tile work, they're doing wall patching and painting. Plumbers are starting to install toilets. Cabinet trim is in -- although we've got some cabinets and hardware that's less than level :/

Laundry room linoleum. Soon to be totally mud-covered by two little boys. 

Shelves up in my closet.

Floor tiled in the boys' bathroom.

Security, check.

View from the dining room toward the family room.

Fireplace is working!

A little more than two weeks to go! 


  1. subway tile looks totally worth it! looks fabulous

  2. So.insanely.jealous.of.your.tile.

    And seriously so pissed at myself for not trying to push my flooring people to let me do the same!

  3. Ohh so PRETTY!! Love love love the tile in the bathroom! I love the subway pattern! I think it is absolutely worth getting that one or two upgrade to push the budget!! Great job, WJ!!

    1. Your husband is an undercover interior designer and photographer! lol smiley face Pretty cool to capture the seat and floor with the same tile!

  4. Wow and double WOW, I second AMY I am so jealous!!!

    Bathroom looks so unique too, nicely done!!!

  5. Looking awesome! Love the bath tile!!!!

  6. I have tile envy right now! I love it, and you're right, it is totally worth it! Your house is going to be a show stopper for sure!