Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mud and other goodies

Stopped by the house two nights this week, both times to be met by the sound of drywallers (read: loud Latin music). They've been working until sundown mudding. Taped earlier in the week and since then they've been mudding/sanding/mudding/sanding. So impressive. The corners are sharp and their work is so impressive.

With the workers there, we didn't take too many pics (did not want to get in their way!). In addition to the mud, we also got some other goodies ...

Tapped and mudded!

More mud!

French doors -- for my office, I believe.

Garage is full -- FULL! -- of cabinets and trim!

Transom for my office.

Lots of doors.
And our first house warming gift (via my cousin). "Is that a gently used keggerator?" you may ask. Why, yes, yes it is. Keystone Light tap will have to go. =) 


  1. Haha... nice on the keggerator!

  2. Love the keggerator also! Exciting! I loved seeing all the doors lined up in the garage, makes it feel so real!

  3. I believe we are just a step behind you. They just hung our drywall and they are going to finish up in the next few days. The PM says our cabinets and other goodies will be delivered soon. Your house is looking great!