Sunday, July 29, 2012


A million times over. ... That is our drywall, of course. ;)

Stopped by yesterday evening to find that the drywall was up in the whole house! Still needs tape and mud, but it's all up there (screwed in place).

What surprised me most is how much bigger it all seems with the drywall up. Anyone else have this experience? You'd think as the stud walls were covered it would seem smaller, but to me it suddenly seemed huge! And like a real house. (And yes, that was me running around squealing: "It's a real house! And it's ours!")

Oh, and I totally forgot to update with results of our pre-drywall meeting. Our PMs got back to us last week to say they'd done everything requested (including getting those two 2" attic to basement pipes and adding a 3-way switch for the family room lights by the back stairs). The only things they were not able to do: move the light switches in the kitchen and the bonus bath. I think we can live with those the way they are, and can't be more pleased that all the other requests were honored (and so quickly).

Kitchen and morning room.

Hallway - Kitchen toward the entry.

Kitchen (seen from morning room)

Family room

Love that front door

Upstairs hallway -- looking toward the kids' side. Doors are the boys bedrooms and bath

Entry (with a view of our neighbor's framed Victoria Falls)

Kids bath

Master bedroom. (Loving the light!)

My closet. Can't wait to do closet organizers as it's big but unusual space.

Insert my very own vanity right here (husband's is  on the other side).

View to the hall from the master.

Sitting room (husband is already contemplating built-in ideas for this room)

Bonus room

Family room - TV will be mounted between the windows there.

View toward kitchen and morning room from family room.

Brick foundation wrap is done. Next up: Brick front!


  1. Nice work on keeping tabs on everything and getting the 2" piping :-)

    1. Thanks! Helped that we have gathered so much great advice from the RH bloggers like yourself!

  2. I think everything looks bigger in drywall too. I feel like my house gets bigger every time I visit it.

  3. Loooove your front door - gorgeous!!! You know, we were walking through the "skeleton" of our house the other day and the hubs kept saying "it feels small" - and its funny, he was right! When its just the wood frame it really does feel smaller than it should.

  4. Hi WJ, congratulations on getting most of your requests. It's true...the house looks and feels small during the framing stage because it seems like your're walking through a MAZE! lol Once the drywall goes up, it takes shapes and bamb!! You have a house! lol

  5. Looks amazing! I totally agree about everything seeming bigger with walls-my husband had some brainy response about our minds not being able to imagine the size of rooms without walls, so once those go in everything actually seems much larger. Your MBR looks so much like ours in the one pic, with the tray ceiling. Love your transom above the door!

  6. Replies
    1. They've moved us up to Sept. 14!

    2. Whoo hoo! One day before my birthday!

  7. Our SR took us to see a Venice that was just framed and my husband and I thought it might be too small but she then took us to one that was finished and it's true, once the drywall is up and everything is installed it does look much bigger!

  8. I love the way that they run brick along the sides of your house. It gives it a nice look.

  9. I saw our house for the first time today since the drywall was installed and I agree it looks MUCH bigger!
    It's funny that we are at the exact same point but you are closing almost a month apart!

  10. The Waverly is such an awesome house