Saturday, July 7, 2012

Unexpected progress

Unexpected ... but awesome! (Woo Hoo!)

Last Saturday the framers didn't work. We expected today (especially with the 100 degree heat) to be the same. My parents stopped by the house this evening for the first time since framing, and my mom called to say how much she liked the front door. What? We didn't have a front door last night!

Needless to say we finished dinner, threw the munchkins in the car and headed up. To this highly untrained eye, framing is 99%+ complete, and nearly all the exterior doors and windows are in. We're just missing stairs to the basement and the walk-out basement doors. I suspect those need to wait until they pour the basement floor.

It was so awesome to see so much complete. Even our bathtub is in! Plus the place has been significantly cleaned up. =)

Tape looks good on all the windows =)

Front door

Front stairs are in!

Love the curve of the staircase

Garden tub

My closet. Complete with hidden storage.

Sitting room.

These rafters are amazing!

Guest bedroom (Bedroom 4) has casement windows because of the morning room roof below.

Bonus room bath with shower stall (not yet installed).

Can you see the tray ceiling in the master bedroom?

Future home of a certain 8-year-old boy.

Future home of a certain 5-year-old boy.

The plywood up there is where our second HVAC  unit will live.

No teenage boys will sneak out through this window. Long way down.

Love the view from our 5-year-old's room.


Random roofing shot.

Yup. That bathroom door is in the wrong place. Calling PM Monday morning.

My closet and sitting room doorways.

Fireplace is boxed in

Morning room door -- complete with safety rail.

Kitchen 1/2 wall/bar is in.

Future pantry!

Love those long windows at the front of the living room.

More front door.

Back of the house. Counted the windows tonight -- 42. Anyone know a good window cleaner?

Our 5 year old decided to clean up the yard of discarded metal roof joiners.

Garage side. They wrapped the heck out of the fireplace.

And there she is ... with two very excited little boys!


  1. 42 windows?!?! You will have to teach your kids how to clean windows!

  2. Your house is really coming together quickly!!! Looks fantastic!

  3. That's amazing that your crew works on Saturdays! Your mom is right, that door looks fantastic. I love the surrounding windows.

  4. I have been through the Waverly model home that will open end of this month. It's beautiful :) There will be one right behind our lot, just being built now.

  5. You've got some nice photos in there! I really like all the space you have! Wow!

  6. Great photos, it's all coming along very nicely !
    I like that rounded window right over your front door - in our elevation 'D' Waverly, it's a basic rectangular transom, but yours looks more like what we have over our Study windows, very nice.

  7. I love the windows above the front door-progress is looking amazing!

  8. Thank goodness for good window tape! Ha ha!