Thursday, July 5, 2012

Floor 2, continued

I love framing. Every day something happens! Today's progress: Exterior and interior walls on floor 2.

That beam we saw yesterday. Yup, got lifted into place.

There's that beam.

Floor 2

View of wood-filled front yard from Floor 2.

Bedroom 2, soon to be home to our 8 year old.


We've got a triangle! I believe this gets filled with HVAC stuff,  but love the thought of hidden space. 

View of the morning room roof, bedrooms 3 and 4 from the bonus room.

Master bedroom.

Sitting room
My future closet!

Garage and side

We did find one problem: Our bathroom door is in the wrong place. Hard to tall in the photo above, but it's supposed to be centered in that space -- in line with the window. So you walk in the door way and there's a vanity on either side. Easy fix, I'm sure. 

Parting shot.