Monday, July 2, 2012

One down

Rounded that corner to discover the framers have the first floor up! Walls are up, and looks like they're starting some floor joists for the second floor too. Job site is a mess. Luckily the kids weren't with us, so we could check it out without worry.

Without further ado ... the pics:

Extended laundry/mud room.

Family room - with a square opening for the fireplace.
Kitchen and morning room.

Looking toward family room from the kitchen.

Looking into the kitchen from the morning room. 

Future powder room.

My office (with the garage beyond). 

Center hallway, from the foyer. I love the diagonal line of the house. 

Living room

Living room with dining room beyond.

Front door (currently puking wood).

Side-entry garage, laundry and family room windows (plus a fireplace hole).

Our stairs.

I think our family room is sticking its tongue out at us.

Back of the house. Workshop door, lower left; morning room, top right. 

Back from the other side. French doors, lower right; morning room, center.

Finally, finally got a shot of the whole thing from across the street.

Closer up.

Not storm damage, just a mess of a front yard.

Can't wait to see what the next few days brings!


  1. Luckily they know what wood goes for what because that is a mess. Looking good mess!

  2. So exciting-it's really coming together! That second floor will be on in no time...

  3. Janai is right. Floor 2 will be up in no time!

  4. I love, love, love all of those full size windows in your basement! :-)

  5. the back of your house looks like a surprised face lol i can't wait till next week we should begin framing

  6. I second the love comment for the basement windows!