Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Advice please!

I've seen lots of advice out there on the pre-construction meeting, but not that much on the pre-drywall meeting.

We've got ours at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Other than the specific questions about things that look off in the house (we wanted a switch there; that window is cracked; etc.), is there anything that you recommend asking about?


  1. Here's where I went wrong. I spent too much time yapping with the PM and not enough inspecting. i got lucky that nothing major has popped up.
    So my advice is this:
    -Do the walk through with your PM guiding the tour THEN go back and take a slower walk through each room.
    -Verify switch placement in every room.
    -Check tubs for cracks, chips, holes, etc...
    -Look for bad studs, excessive warpage, etc...We had a stud that was damn near cut in half when a dipshit plumber used a 3" hole saw (stud is only 3.5") So the stud had to be replaced and/or blocked.
    -Take photos! I spent too much talking and not enough picture taking. Trust me, you will not remember where electric/plumbing ran 6 months later
    -Have fun

  2. We decided to have a home inspector for the pre dry wall. Too many things that we could miss or not understand. Even though we feel it will be wonderful don't expect anything it's just too much we could overlook and it puts an extra pair of eyes on it.

  3. We just had ours yesterday,and it was rather easy. I've been taking pics of anything that looked out of place to me (The non home builder) every time I went in. I've got pics of where all plumbing leads, and everything. Our PM lead our meeting and answered every question we may have had. He marked different studs with the words Belly or Twist and wrote notes for the contractors to fix. If you've been in the home as much as we have, you probably won't find too many problems. good luck. My biggest advice, don't be afraid to ask questions....

  4. Our pre-drywall meeting is tomorrow morning too! Check out my post from earlier with the questions I plan to ask: http://movingtothecountryryanhomes.blogspot.com/2012/07/pre-drywall-meeting-tomorrow.html. I would definitely ask him to give you a detailed run-through of how the heating/cooling systems work. Also locate all of your water shutoff valves and have him run through the general plumbing system. And of course, take lots of pictures and make sure you label them well so you know what you're looking at 6 months from now :). I'm going to bring scrap paper and a marker so I can make labels on the spot. Good luck!

  5. Instead of taking pictures, a video would be much quicker and you wouldn't get confused about which room you are looking at! You could even talk during the video to give yourself reminders :)

  6. Take pictures and a video. Make sure the electric outlets are on a switch in each room are where you want them. Make sure you have an electric outlet next to all of your cable and telephone jacks.