Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crown and chair rail

Went back today to see what our Russian friends had accomplished yesterday. Very impressive!

Chair rail and most of the crown done in the dining room.

They held our trim down on the tray - there's a plug up there for rope lighting!

Chair rail.

Office with moldings!

Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom double doors are in!

Bathroom vanities and granite are in! This one is mine. You can see the husband's vanity in the mirror. Espresso.

Master granite close-up -- Meteorite
There's a little gap between the vanity top and the side. Not a big deal but looks kinda weird. 

Kids double sink vanity

Bonus room bath vanity

Both the kids and bonus baths have maple cabinets and wheat granite. I was not crazy about either when we picked them , but I'm really liking them now. The wheat granite sample we had looked very yellow/pink -- but the actual vanity counters aren't pinky at all. 

They built us a railing to the basement. Was surprised that it wasn't just a prefab thing.
They actually cut together each piece.

I saw on somebody's blog the other day blanket-like insulation in the basement. We've got this rigid silver insulation against all the cement walls. Wonder what the difference is?

It appears Guardian has put in the window sensors in the basement.

Yup. That's where they painted over the tubes. Perhaps they thought I needed funky artwork?

Baseboard and window sill in my office.

View from my office. Or what I will soon be looking at all day every day.

And either this is how the trim carpenters afforded the Audis or it's how they hope to make that next car payment. 


  1. Looking really nice!

    LOL. I can't believe they still haven't touched up the wall.

    They didn't want to claim the $2? That's two more tickets!!

  2. so funny hubby found a lotto ticket in our house as well LOL

  3. You have to play to win! LOL
    The picture of the wall with the tubes that were spray painted over is frame worthy! I would totally frame it!

  4. Looks like the Russians do good work! I love the crown molding and hope to add it to our house, eventually. The picture of the tube outlines on the wall is classic.

  5. It looks very nice, WJ! I love the paint color on your walls. It has a beautiful contrast. What color is it? We have a tiny, tiny bit of color--it's called cool platinum (basically, it's white paint). lol

    1. It's RH antique white. Kind of a yellow beige.

    2. Thank you, WJ! I asked could we pick a different color. NOT happening!! It's okay because I will be painting over those bare walls. I love warming the house with color.

    3. This is the standard color in our development.

  6. Loving the Crown molding and rail, really makes a room elegant.
    I didn't spring for that package in hopes that I can do it myself (I have mad carpenter skillz yo). I really want to do a nice wainscoting as well, however a beautiful rail in some places like a possible nursery would be perfect. Thanks for showing the pics!

  7. Do you recall if the chair rail was expensive. I'm purashasing a Ryan model, which came with crown molding, but I'm asking them to add the chair rails. My SR said I'd get to look at at book etc. and I immediaitely saw multiple $$$ signs. Eeek!

  8. The chair rail was part of the upgraded trim package for our house. It was expensive (around $3,000), but including crown molding on all of the first floor and some of the second (including the 2-story foyer), chair rail in the dining room and (I think) up the stairs, and some wanes-coating-like trim in the dining room. Also, larger baseboards and casements on the openings without doors. The husband is super handy and does great woodworking, so we really contemplated doing it ourselves. But the 2-story entry work and the larger baseboards and casings pushed the package into the "might as well" category.

  9. Cool. thanks for the info. Guess, I'll see what RH will charge since I only really want the chair rail in the master bedroom.

    BTW--your home is looking fabulous!

    1. Jania, they offered three different packages in our area; however, I was told it was only for the dining room! I chose the largest package #3 because I wanted the trim throughout the first floor. I couldn't get it upstairs so that will be a DIY project for my hunny-do list. lol

      BTW--how do we access your blog page so that we can follow your journey!

  10. That paint issue with the tubes cracks me up.

  11. I love the shape of your master bedroom ceiling. Nice wedding rings too :)

    1. Thanks. The husband did good =)