Friday, August 10, 2012

Brick and trim

Awesome awesome awesome visit to the house tonight. They finished the brick on the front AND the trim carpenters came! Cabinets are in and so is some of our trim work (window sills, door frames, doors) on the first floor.

Spent the rest of our Friday night date at Lowes dreaming of closet organizers, many vibrant paint colors, pendant lights and tool storage (guess who on that last one).


Boxes and boxes of trim.

Crown molding.

Kitchen cabinets!!!!

Couldn't get enough.

Window sills

French doors and transom for my office

Front door trim

Ready for garbage and recycle

Now, what to do with this skinny cabinet. Could I find a pull-out spice rack?

Crazy number of island cabinets, all with the pullout shelves.


Preview of what's to come: That's one of the counters for our master bath.

One more kitchen pic

Brick front

And there she is! Have to admit that I was slightly skeptical of the brick when they started it (it's Castlerock), but now I'm really really loving it!


  1. HI WJ, it's beautiful!! You house is the first where I have seen them inscribe the numbers on the brick--awesome! I also like the nice touch with the recycled bins. It thought they had to be installed after settlement. And, it's nothing like having plenty of cabinet space--oh, what joy and rapture! BTW--your door speaks volumes. Bottom line--I am really digging your home!!

  2. Your house looks great! You and I have been sharing the same dreams of closet organizers, paint colors and pendant lights! We have that skinny cabinet also, but your cabinet looks skinnier! We keep medicine and boxes of tea bags in it.

  3. Your house is looking great! My boyfriend and I spent some time at Home Depot last night dreaming about closet organizers! We'll have to see what Lowes has to offer too!

  4. What a great looking house...I love the layout of the Waverly

  5. Everything is really coming along with your house. I really like your house number in the brick. Your cabinets look like mine. :-)