Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Bourne Waverly

Stopped by the house yesterday to see this in our driveway:

The one in front is a tricked out Audi A6 with blackened windows. The one in back is an Audi S8 V10, also tricked out also with blackened windows.

Was the government there to bug my home? Perhaps, because we went inside to find the trim carpenters. And one of them looked exactly like Jason Bourne (aka Matt Damon).

I was too intimidated by the extremely loud hip-hop and the tough looks of these gentleman (the broken English led me to believe they were Easter European immigrants, perhaps Russian?) to take a picture. We got in, got some measurements and popped out. It does appear that they do very nice work. And, clearly, trim carpentry pays well.

Measurements were necessary because we bought the rest of our appliances yesterday!

I heart Sears. They were having a great sale this weekend, and on top of sale prices they were offering 20% off if you bought 4 appliances or more. And an additional 5% for using a Sears charge. Plus they threw in free delivery. (Which they will do up to 60 days after purchase.)

The husband calculated out what we saved yesterday. Compared to list price on these items (not including delivery charges or tax), we saved:

  ******  $3,400 ******

Here's what we got:

Refrigerator -  Kenmore Elite 31.0 cu. ft. French-Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Steel

It is a monster, which is why we stopped to measure. It will fit!

We loved how the icemaker is in the door only.

Washer -- Kenmore Elite 4.3 cu. ft. Steam Washer w/ Reversible Door.
Washer/Dryer were our best deal, by far. We got both at about 1/2 retail.  

Dryer -- Kenmore Elite  8.0 cu. ft. Steam Electric Dryer

Got them in white. Red and purple were available -- but much more expensive.

Microwave -- GE Profile  1.9 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Sensor Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel
(You may recall that there are issues with microwaves above gas cooktops. See here and here. So we are purchasing our own and installing after closing.)
Unlike the fridge, which was across the room and not adjacent to other appliances, the microwave is right next to the  double ovens. So, I was a little concerned abou the matching. Which is why we went with the GE profile.

Stand-up freezer -- Kenmore Elite  16.7 cu. ft. Upright Freezer

Our love of Costco necessitates a separate freezer. We'll put this one in the garage.

We can't be more excited!


  1. Your house is amazing!!!! The Audi arent bad either...LOL....

    I wish we could have done side entrance garages...

    Your house looks soooo huge!!!

    I also would pick that fridge!! Wish we could buy but loan officer has us on a freeze still :(

    How did you manage to get out of purchasing your microwave, didnt know that was an option, we are priced at like over $1000 for microwave and $400 in install and felt we did not have a choice??????

    1. Thanks. I would have loved it if the Audis came included with the house (much nicer than our cars).

      Our SR was pretty awesome and went over where the microwave would be placed if we got the gas cooktop (too high for this short girl). When we asked, he just left it off our order, gave us a small credit for it and ordered us a range hood instead (which we'll have to remove after closing).

  2. Awesome savings on the appliances!

  3. Woah the refrigerator is sweet! You open the door and don't even know the ice dispenser is there! But 31 cubic feet?! How can you fill that thing? I'm looking at a very similar style, but more like 26 cubic feet. Saw if you pay with a Home Depot card you save 10%. Nowhere near you're gigantic savings, but still good. After seeing you saved $3,400 I just may have to go check out Sears before buying.

    Now comes my dying question, how do these guys afford those Audis??!! I'm in the wrong line of work.

    1. That was totally our question too! And these guys were young.

  4. Fabulous Fridge and Audi's. I'll take them! Score on the Appliances!