Friday, April 27, 2012


It's hard to write that title without hearing it in Robert Stack's voice. (Dating myself by this reference? Perhaps.)

But I digress ...

-- Thanks all for the feedback on the microwave issue. Did some research. Read all the manuals. And put in a panic email to my SRs. (Warned them that this is surely only the first of the crazy emails from me.) They called back this morning. Clearance will be 19-20". More than I currently have between my gas stove and microwave. We're going to go with what we had planned. If we do run into overheated, melted microwave issues down the road, I'll post an eating-crow update. Still, it was good to be aware of the potential.

-- Also thanks for the feedback on moving twice. After four quotes, we hired a moving company yesterday. We're moving to our rental Friday, May 18, and then the remaining stuff goes to storage Monday, May 21 (avoided the Saturday time-and-a-half charges). We had briefly toyed with a partial pack, but decided to pack everything ourselves and save some money. We did opt to do storage with the actual moving company rather than rent a unit. It's partly for convenience and partly because I liked the idea that our upholstered furniture will all remain shrink-wrapped, the wood furniture will remain wrapped in heavy moving pads, and all items will be containerized in wooden crates (rather than tossed into some warehouse). Storage cost is based on weight, so we will try to put what we can at my parent's house and in the garage at our rental. Let the packing begin!

Construction is scheduled to begin in a month and three days. Waiting is hard, but I'm sure the packing, moving, closing on this place and end-of-the-school-year craziness will keep me otherwise occupied.

(FYI, Robert Stack hosted Unsolved Mysteries. Google it.)

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