Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moving ... and moving again

Did anyone else have to move into temporary housing?

We really could not afford to build the house we want without selling our current home. So we close here May 24, our build starts May 30 and they are saying it will be done around the first week of September. In the meantime, the hubby, two kids and I are moving into a 900 sqft townhouse for the summer. I'm fairly optimistic that we'll be able to deal with the space (or lack of) OK. It's summer; we'll be outside a lot. (Or so I'm going to keep telling myself. Expect "pulling my hair out" updates in August.)

But, it means we have to move twice and put a lot of our stuff in storage. I've had 4 movers out in the last couple of days and gotten some estimates. The moving part is all coming in about the same, but storage varies. And how do you judge? Climate controlled vs. not? Containerized storage (they put it in big pallet boxes) vs. storage in a unit?

Any advice or wisdom would be greatly appreciated!


  1. At least you guys will be professionals at moving! We don't have to sell our place before moving into the new one. We are going to fix up and rent out our condo after we move out of it. It's a little stressful because we don't want to have both mortgages for too long.

    I wouldn't pay extra for a climate-controlled unit. It's usually waaay more expensive than a regular one. In order to cut the costs of moving, you could always hire someone to move the heavy stuff, like your furniture and you guys move the rest. I think that's what we are going to do.

  2. We are in the same boat in that we wanted to be conservative and sell our existing house first and move into an apartment until the house was built. I got a 1300 sqft place with a tandem garage (holds 2 cars long ways). The garage is just packed with stuff (I mean PACKED!). It is just obscene the amount of stuff/junk we have. The good news is that it in the garage so we can, hopefully, get rid of some stuff. The garage is not climate controlled but It is not directly outside either, meaning that it has apartment walls on 2 sides and above with another garage on the other wall. We were lucky that we did not need another storage unit.

    We moved a lot of the smaller things ourselves and have around 50-60 plastic bins and umpteen boxes that I got for free from the company warehouse. Get the boxes for free if you can. Hired movers to help us with the big and bulky things that would have been hard for me to move even with a few other people. I suggest letting the people who move things a lot handle the big/heavy things and it is good investment so you do not end up hurting yourself or spend a lot of additional time on it.

  3. We started building before we sold, but got the old place closed with 7 weeks to spare. So we moved into the (unfinished) basement of some friends (that was a Ryan house 6 years old). We made the best of it, and our friends were great.
    But on to the packing. We went with PackRat as they gave me a great rate. We signed for 3 months at a lower then posted rate and no charge for delivery/pickups. The PackRat 16' container is not large enough for a 3-4 bedroom house as they advertise. We packed it tight, then used my dad's 6x10 trailer and still put a few things in a friends garage. BUT, we didn't have to move "twice". We loaded in one driveway and unloaded in the new driveway. It was worth it and I would go that route again....unless I could swing professional movers.
    I told my wife jokingly next time (if there is a "next time"), I am taking what I can carry in a backpack and throwing a match to the rest.

  4. We went thru the same situation. We finally sold our townhouse on March 30th. We have been in a 2BR apartment since the first of March. We thought it would be a struggle going from a 4BR, 3 level townhouse to the apartment, but it hasn't nearly as bad as we thought. We have our excess stuff in a storage unit.
    They break ground on our house on Weds. and should be done by the beginning of August.

  5. We rented a storage unit to have somewhere to put our stuff when we decluttered to put our old house on the market. The house sold in the first week (6 weeks before we broke ground with Ryan), so we were lucky there, but then we had to move out completely right before Christmas. We got a second larger storage unit, climate controlled because it seemed safer, and hired movers to put our stuff into storage. We moved in with my mother for 5 months, and moved the stuff we were taking with us ourselves. When we settled last month and had the same movers bring our stuff from storage, a LOT of things were broken. Can't say for sure when it happened, so the movers wouldn't be responsible. I would never do that again. I agree with Rich -- next time put a match to it and buy new stuff when you get there.