Monday, April 16, 2012

Pulling the trigger

We're doing it: building a new home ... and blogging!

This (the home, not the blog) has actually been a few months in the making. My husband and I married a year ago, and he moved in with me and the kids. We love my old house, but we decided to put it on the market in February and look for a place that is ours together.

Must admit, I had previously been pretty snotty about "new development," but I randomly popped in to the model in what will soon be our new community and absolutely fell in love. Two steps out of the extended laundry and in to the gourmet kitchen, and I was totally sold on the Waverly. I dragged my husband up a few days later, and he fell just as hard (thank goodness)!

And then we waited.

We had to sell our current home before we could move forward. It only took seven weeks to get it under contract, but they may have been the longest seven weeks ever. (Cleaning, showing, cleaning, showing, cleaning, showing ...)

So finally we're under contract, the sold sticker is on our lot and we're ready to move forward!

We're looking forward to having an outlet to share our experiences, and get plenty of feedback and advice from the RH blogger community.


  1. Welcome to building and blogging! Congrats on selling your house and starting the process of building your new home :)

  2. Welcome! I look forward to reading about all the selections you make for your new home and about your experiences!

  3. Congrats and Welcome! The Waverly is a beautiful home. Take tons of pictures and hold on, this process moves quickly. Can't wait to see what options you select.

  4. Congratulations on your old house and new house. We are also building Waverly in VA and we love the plan. It has everything that we were looking for in the new house.

    Make all the color selections and the options selections as early as possible, RH will not apply for permit until you finalize them and guarantee that there won't be any structural changes.

  5. Thanks all! And thanks BSV -- that totally explains why our SR was pushing for us to sign a "no more changes" waiver tonight (I'm sure that's not the official document title). Once we get the final mortgage numbers, we're good to go.

  6. Congratulations!!!!!!! You are on the way to building a beautiful home and looking forward to following you on this journey!

  7. I'm so jealous of YOU! I wanted the Waverly so bad, but it was out of our budget so we downgraded to the Courtland. I looove the 2-story family room in the Waverly. Congrats!!