Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday visits

Last Tuesday we finally told the boys (8 and days shy of 5) about the house sale and the new house build. Everything had just fallen into place, and it was the first chance we had with them to show them the lot and the model. They are beyond excited, and their joy made me all the happier. The only hiccup was that the almost-5-year-old was a little confused that we won't be getting all the "stuff" that was in the model. An air hockey table may be in our future.

After we ran around the model (literally -- two staircases makes for good chases) and kicked around in our dirt, my 8-year-old suggested that we make this a Tuesday night ritual. Visit the lot each Tuesday night. Sounded like a plan to me!

So it's Tuesday and we went to our lot tonight. Our build isn't supposed to start until late May, so it's the same as last week. But it's fun to see the progress on the others. The Waverly next door to us is nearly done; framing is up on a Victoria Falls up the street and the Jefferson on the cul de sac is getting brick.

For now, this is our dirt:

Sold! Our lot actually starts at the green box and goes to the right.

Sideview of our lot. 


  1. THANKFULY, we didn't have to sell our home to build this one, but we did what you are doing about 20 years ago and know what you are going through! It will be worth it, so hang in there!! We were young then and it was no problem! LOL

    Originally lived in Western PA, moved to OH...not by choice, but do like it here!


  2. I love the Tuesday Visit idea! That's a nice way to celebrate the building of your new home as a family!

  3. We do our visits on Fridays since that is the only night free from sports!