Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Siding, railings and paint

Coming right along at 172. Husband stopped by this morning and ran into the PM, which resulted in a mini-walkthrough. As is the nature of house building, there's lots of tiny issues. A cracked piece of molding here, a bowed piece of wall there. PM was on top of everything and super receptive to the husband's feedback/suggestions. I feel really confident that we are headed in the right direction.

I've been talking to some neighbors and one told me the neighborhood consensus is that everyone there is around 90% happy with their houses. Sure there are little things; no house is perfect. But overall, pretty darn good. I think that's a very realistic goal. I know there are going to be things we wish we had done differently, and things that we wish RH had done differently. But stepping back and thinking about all the awesomeness we're getting (new construction, open floorplan, gourmet kitchen, even windows that work!), we're ridiculously pleased.

Here's where we are at:

Railing are in and stained. We love the dark so much we've requested a second coat before they put the poly on it . I like my railings like a goth girl likes her eye makeup. The darker the better.

We love these cool circles. Fun Waverly fact: The railing doesn't all come as one piece . The trim carpenters custom fit the runs together to match the curve of the staircase. They did a fabulous job.
Top of the stairs.  The staircase is one place we didn't splurge. Budget had to come into play somewhere and those direct set steps were crazy expensive. Husband may replace the newel posts with something beefier in the future, but I'm really happy with how the railings look.

Dining room fully trimmed out and first coat of trim paint done.

All the first floor doors lined up for a spray.
Second floor doors.

And this is one of the reasons we splurged on the upgraded trim. Crown molding in the 2-story foyer with its first coat of paint.

Foyer -- trimmed out and painted.

Siding folks attached their scaffolding directly to the roof.

Georgian Gray siding going up.

Detail. Love the color!


  1. We got the Georgian gray siding too! We love it!

  2. I love the circles too! All of the detail in your dining room is beautiful.

  3. Your house is looking great! I love the dark railing.

  4. WJ - I'm glad stain is going well for you, I don't mind darker stain, but with the floors in my home, it would look off.. I was bummed about the inconsistency of the stain on all the railings, so going dark for you should negate that! What kind of Carpet did you pick on the stairs? or is it wood/other selection?

  5. Stairs get carpet (the wood stairs is one upgrade we skipped). Foyer, hall, kitchen and morning room will have hardwood. We went with one color carpet for the whole house - Bare Mineral. Sort of a medium beige (very neutral). Our hardwood is dark, a mahogany with a java stain. You can see it here:

  6. Hi WJ! Aren't they the cutest circles you have ever seen! I love it!! In our community, they must match up the railing with the floors. We did not get the option of choosing our railing. I love the darker colors which is why I chose espresso.

    BTW--the crown molding splurge is well spent. IT IS HOTT!

  7. LOVE your siding and your diningroom...WOW!! Really, everything is looking BEAUTIFUL!


  8. "I like my railings like a goth girl likes her eye makeup." made me chuckle out loud. Looking good!

  9. Love the stain color of the railings and I love the crown molding

  10. What color is your paint? It looks the same color as ours. I love the crown molding. We think we will be adding some to our home in the near future.