Monday, August 6, 2012

Spray tan

We have achieved biege! Well, to be accurate, RH's own brand of Antique White. Looks like just the first coat, clearly sprayed, but we're getting there. The masons were also there working on the front of the house -- was so exciting to see them put a keystone in place above the windows. I didn't want to disturb them with pics. Luckily no one was working inside tonight.

In case we ever want to paint more beige. 
Family room with its first coat. 
Randomly tonight I noticed for the first time that there's a heating vent inside my closet. No chilly clothes for  me!
Lonely mask
Master -- love the light! This whole side of the house (master, bonus room, family room) gets such amazing evening light.
We moved the tube on the left to discover they just sprayed right over them.
Good shot of all the recess lights in the kitchen. The four smaller ones in the center are the rough-ins for the pendants. We will certainly not be cooking in the dark. 


  1. HI WJ, you took some really fun pictures!

  2. looking good!! Were right on pace with you guys

  3. That is funny that they sprayed over the tubes! What were they thinking? LOL

  4. Always exciting to see progress!!

    I just joined this ryan blog........or I think I did :)

    I too am building in Western Pa, Peters to be exact.....

    1. Congrats! I just tried to comment on your blog, but it seems like you've got two different addresses -- and

  5. Love the spray job right over the tubes. Move them? Nah....too much effort. House is looking good.