Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Paving!

Still the hubby posting.  Wife is out of town still, though it's her birthday.


The Most Awesome Wife Ever!
As promised... new and improved pictures of the amazing progress.
Topsoil waiting to be spread out.  Hopefully this will be a nice and semi-level front yard. 
(Fingers Crossed)

 Paving the way!  We added 5" to the back and 3" to the sides.

Another outside shot. 

A view of both front coach lights.

Any clue as to what this is?  I'm guessing it's more shoddy Guardian work. I mean really... just a couple wires shooting out of the siding? 

 Speaking of siding, The guys that did all of it have been gone for a couple days.  I wonder if they know that they are missing some scaffolding.

What is this?

 A view of the floor in the extended laundry.  Not to worry, we got linoleum.  This is the subfloor that they put down beneath it.  Pretty sure that no matter what, it will be impossible to peel off when it's all complete.

Luna Pearl Granite

More Granite 

Really it's super cool.  Nice and white.

Oh.. and we have both power & lights! 


Does anyone know of a better way to place a plug in a stone fireplace?  I've suggested just putting stone up to a flush outlet.  Currently this BEAUTIFUL fireplace will need something on the mantle to hide this box. 

Yes, Saved the best for last.  The Samoan Mahogany. I asked that they save the scraps for me and they did.  At least enough for me to work on a few things.  Like: testing what will scratch it and how to buff out light marks, making a side table or two....


  1. Looks great! I hope your wife had a great birthday!

  2. Those wires are where your Cable and Phone companies will tie into your house from their wires near the street.

  3. Happy Birthday, WJ!!

    I love you guys laundry room! I chose to put ours in the basement so I can have more space to work with. Had we had the option to extend our laundry room, I would have definitely taken that option because it is so cute!

    Great job with the posts, I am really enjoying those pictures and captions!

  4. Thank you baby! I love you and I can't wait to come home and see our house!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday WJ!!! What a great gift to see your dream home making such wonderful progress.

  6. Happy birthday!! I LOVE your floors!! So pretty!

  7. Everything looks great! As for the fireplace outlet, if the mantle was longer you could place it on the side. Really it all depends on what the intent of use for that plug is for. We selected an outlet for ours but I haven't even thought out how that's going to look. It's only there for holiday lighting anyway so figuring out how to either utilize it or conceal it for the other 10+ months is on our to-do list.