Friday, June 8, 2012

Movin' fast!

When we last saw you all, it was late Wednesday night and our footings had just been poured. 

Thursday morning the PM called with a quick update. Namely, engineer thought the site looked good, footings were poured, forms for the foundation walls would go in Friday, and we'd probably get those poured Monday. 

Around 8:30 this morning, the husband dropped by and found this: 

Forms mostly in!

We swung back by the house at 4:30 p.m. and the cement guy was just washing down his truck. Our walls were poured!


Front porch far left, garage right

More garage excitement.

Walk-out rear of the basement (also lots of crazy extra forms in there).

Looking in from the future backyard.

There will be a set of French doors right here.

Sort of fascinated by the forms.

Been trying for weeks to get a good front-of-the-house shot, but there's always equipment
parked there. This is as close as I've gotten.

And in other news:

-- We're getting FLAT CEILINGS! It's not a cheap upgrade (no surprise), but for us, worth it. Can't say how happy with are with RH for working with us on it. 

-- That house across the street - it's a Yorkshire. The husband was right all along. (And now I have gone on record admitting it.)


  1. Flat ceilings should look pretty nice!

  2. I asked about ours and they said we'd have flat ceilings which I'm excited about. but i still think its sux you had to make than an upgrade, u'r right...worthy upgrade.

  3. Um... dumb question, but what are flat ceilings? Aren't all ceilings flat?

    Also, looks like my house and yours are sort of close in timing!

    1. Flat means that they have no texture. The mop or stippled look on a ceiling actually hides imperfections well but makes a room look dark and dirty. Below is a blog that shows them side by side.

  4. That is crazy. I cannot believe that they are charging for flat ceilings. It is standard in Ryan Homes in Maryland.