Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick update

Been on the road this week for work, and husband has been visiting our lot checking on progress while I've been out. Plus, he's been making friends with the excavator (great great guy!). Picked up the kids tonight when I got back to town and went straight to the new house. They've been busy bees!

Since Friday: Removed wall forms, did waterproofing, been working on running gas, water and sewer lines. Our favorite excavator says lumber is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!

Yellow is the gas line. 

Waterproofing for the little bit below-grade. The above-grade part will be bricked.

Future basement.



Don't ask me what these are ... I mean, besides "pipes"


  1. It is a good sign that you have a lot of the pipes clustered together so it can be easier to conceal them.

    1. Yes! Did talk with the PM at the pre-con meeting about our future plans for the unfinished basement. We've got a rough-in for a 3-piece bath, as well as an additional laundry tub in what RH calls the "media room" (which will be the husband's workshop). PM was awesome with suggestions on pipe placement to help us maximize usage later on.