Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wood, windows and other W words

All 3 shipments of wood have now arrived! It's so amazing to me how they come as a kit - you can see the steps and the walls already put together. Each truckload had our lot number spray-painted on it. For a moment I got very excited that it also had "Wendy" written all over it (WJ=Wendy+Joshua). How thoughtful of RH to personalize it for me! The husband pointed out that it actually said "Waverly." Well, yeah, I guess that makes more sense.

Seeing windows and doors is super exciting too. I counted more than 36 windows. Not counting the eyebrow above the front door. Can't wait to have them all in! (Can wait a little more on the cleaning of them.)

Today's pics:

Husband stitched together a panoramic for me!

Two loads -- walls and steps

Doors, windows, floors and roofing

They've pushed the dirt back up to the foundation, and filled in the garage.

There are all those windows! (Plus a few doors)


  1. Wendy. Waverly. I can see how you can get the two confused ;)

  2. HOLLA!! Lot of goodies!!! I would have thought the same thing about the W!!!! BTW - I really dig the Waverly model!! It's awesome!

  3. Yes! Let the fun begin. I hope it doesn't sit long. I think this is the hardest part to wait out.

  4. This is the exciting part. Enjoy the ride!

  5. Anyone else distracted by the 36 WINDOWS LOL!! that's a lot of window treatments! How exciting :)

    1. LOL. I see lots of those peel-n-stick paper shades in our future.

  6. That is a lot of windows! They just let them hang out there then, heh?

  7. Wow-lots of windows! Our lumber was delivered with tubs, but no windows. The look lovely! You have inspired me to start getting some panoramic pics also.

  8. When I see windows, I see next day blinds with $$$ in their eyes and looking for your telephone number. :) With that said, I can't wait for us to be where you're at now.