Thursday, May 24, 2012


Old house closing ... check! Equity in bank account ... check! Final deposit given to Ryan ... check! Pre-construction meeting scheduled .... well ...

Yup, still waiting on that last part. But everything else today has gone swimmingly. Our regular SR was off today, so we had the alternate. The good news is that we are on the build schedule for next week. Blue prints are in. And now we're just waiting for a call back from our PM (Bill) on when this meeting will be. Although, it may be next Wednesday. Damn you holiday weekend! <shakes fist in air>

But, when we visited the dirt today, we did see a great surprise ... stakes! There's so much construction going on on the street, I didn't quite get back far enough to get the full view of the lot. But some pics:

We're one of the later builds on our street, so we've been the dumping ground for other stuff. Here : mulch.

Stake on the right is the garage corner (we think).


Dirt from a different angle ... oooooooooo ;)


  1. Laughed at this "Damn you holiday weekend!

    What unmitigated gall to take the day off! Oh, wait... I have that day off, hmm. Sorry for those that don't have the time off, but I have worked enough of those holidays in my past so I will enjoy the time off freely!