Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twiddles thumbs

I'm really horribly impatient. We close on the old house tomorrow -- yea! (Is it appropriate to ask for our equity in small bills so I can roll around in it?) We're supposedly on the build schedule for next week, but .... no pre-construction meeting yet. Need to pop in our our SR tomorrow and see what the scoop is (perhaps the big final deposit check will help). Frankly he should be glad he didn't give me his cell, because I'd be tempted to text him right now and find out.

In the meantime, the husband and I found some cool pendant lights that we both actually like ... a lot! Finding pendant lights (that we will install ourselves six months from now when our house is done and we've moved in) have become this week's obsession.

From: RailroadWare

Itching to get this build started ... and then to make this house our home!


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  2. I'm right there with ya-as impatient as can be! I LOVE those pendant lights, I'll have to look them up!
    Good idea to stop in and see the SR to stay on top of things. Our last final deposit helped greatly.

  3. I have a long email thread of questions/next steps that I started at the beginning the process with the SR to keep on top of things with them.

    The lights look cool indeed!

  4. Very cool lights! Hope you get some answers from your sales rep and your build gets underway soon :)

  5. I literally busted out laffin @ equity comment in small bills LOLLL. I'm diggin' the pendants....