Thursday, May 31, 2012

And we're off!

Just returned from the Pre-Construction meeting. And the build has begun. SO PUMPED!

Overall, great meeting. Our PM seems accommodating, as well communicative and upfront. He encouraged emails or phone calls. Highlights:

-- We now have a delivery date: Sept. 20. A week or two later than I was expecting, but our SR had just given us an early September time frame. Oh well. Happy to have a date.
-- We're getting pilings! Our PM did some test drilling earlier in the week, and wasn't crazy about what he was seeing. So they're bringing out the drilling equipment next week (sorry neighbors). But at least we know this house will go nowhere. And this reminds me of what I love about RH: Extra cost to us for the engineer, the drilling, the pilings, etc -- ZILCH.
-- Went over the blue prints and our selections list. Everything was correct. PM had several good suggestions (like where's the cable in the bedroom going, and do you want me to put a plug there?). We got the carriage lights for the side-entry garage also switched by the front door, and he's laying pipe under the sidewalk and driveway.
-- We walked away with the contact info for the pavers (to get a wider driveway) and the electrician (to get those basement-to-attic pipes).
-- Super pleased with the PM's level of detail already.
-- And, they've started excavating and grading. After the meeting we walked the lot and (of course) took pics:

Standing in what will be our driveway.

Looking up from the back corner. You can see the yard slope. 

The lot across the street just got staked.

That little jut-out in the dirt wall is just about where our front door will be.

And they rolled out the black carpet for me ;) Actually no clue what that was about. But good side view of the neighbor's house, also a Waverly.


  1. How exciting to see so much progress!! We will be building buddies. :) Your neighborhood looks gorgeous.

  2. Congrats on getting started! Bill is a great PM - I think you will be very happy with your home. Good luck!!

    1. I was wondering if we had the same PM. He said he was also working on homes in Cobblestone. Looks like things turned out very well for you all!

  3. That is great that they are taking the extra steps to get a solid foundation with the pilings.

  4. We are building buddies too! We had our pre-con yesterday and they will begin grading early next week! Congrats!

  5. I shan't be envious lol we are waiting patiently for the pre construction meeting but it looks like once that happens the ground breaking isn't far off congrats!

  6. Congratulations WJ!!! You have a DATE!!

  7. Congrats on starting your build. I'm anxious to get our pre-construction meeting going.