Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday excitement

I figured I probably should balance out yesterday's whine about stuff I wish I had, with a more positive post. Plus, we're throwing a kids party today for our now 5-year-old (5 is awesome!), so I thought I'd channel that happy energy.

This will be my 3rd house, and my first new construction. We currently live in a 120 year old Dutch colonial. Before that, I had a 1940s Cape Cod. With that in mind, here's some of the things I'm most excited about in the new house:

- Insulation! Current home has zero insulation on the first and second floors. Brrrr.
- New windows! I'm sure my SRs think I'm crazy, 'cause I practically pet the windows in the model. Ones in the current house are original. I'm looking forward to laying in bed at night and not feeling a breeze blowing across my face.
- A master bath! Right now we've got a bathroom per floor, which means we share a small bathroom with two kids.
- My own sink and vanity! With our bath upgrade we'll have to separate vanities in the master bath. Already decided mine will be the one you can see when you enter the bedroom. Because one of us likes to put away her stuff after she's gotten ready ...
- A family room! We use our living room like a family room now, but I'm psyched to have a modern layout with a family room off the kitchen.
- Space to entertain! I'm already planning the house warming party (in my head). So much space to host parties.
- Mud room! We got the extended laundry, and I can already hear myself screaming, "Don't you dare put a foot in this house! Leave those dirty shoes and clothes in the mud room!"
- Garage! Garage! Garage! Somehow I'm in my mid-30s and have never had a garage. Not at rentals, not in either of the other houses I've owned. Closest I've gotten was a driveway and a shed at the Cape Cod. Current house doesn't even have those. No more being plowed in and no more early morning window scraping!

Happy Saturday. In the words of our 5-year-old: "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Booty shake!"

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  1. How true all that you said is...we appreciate the same things every day living in our Waverly, which we closed on two years ago this month. Hard to believe how fast time has gone by!