Saturday, May 19, 2012

Commence compression

We've almost crossed the finish line. Part 1 of our 2-part move complete. We just spent the first night in our rental townhouse. We've got a few things to bring over and clean up at the old house, but then the movers come back on Monday to move the rest of our stuff to storage.

The husband noted that this is a little like Frank Lloyd Wright's compression/expansion practice. (Wright likes to take you through a narrow space and then release you into a large room.) Fitting analogy since we've gone from a 2800 sqft house to a 900 sqft townhouse, then will burst out to the 3900 sqft of finished space in the new house (unfinished basement not included). Also fitting, because we got engaged at Falling Water. =)

There is something very first apartment post-college about this teeny townhouse. Maybe it's the fact that the living room, dining room and kitchen are all one space. Or maybe it's the well-worn carpets or the brown (yes brown) sponge paint. It's amazing what seems perfectly fine when you know you're only going to be dealing with it a few months. Life is an adventure. Wonder where I can buy some milk crates?


  1. For us it is the same as well. Going from house ,to apartment, and then to larger house. It is tolerable for the short term especially when thinking about the payoff!

  2. we have boarded a boat which takes us to a huge from a tiny apartment..It is five times bigger..:)