Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I've decided packing is like child birth. There's some magic hormone that makes you forget how much it absolutely flipping sucks. There has to be, otherwise no one would ever do it again.

We're about a week into packing for our move into our teeny tiny summer rental. We're up to our eyeballs in boxes, and trying to sort out what's going to our rental and what's going to storage. There's an immense pile of garbage outside of stuff we've purged. And, in addition to people stopping by to pick up the broken 8-year-old umbrella stroller, my husband caught someone actually digging through our garbage can the other day (because yes, that's where we pitched the gold bullion).

Six years ago I moved back to western Pa. from Virginia, and I got a partial pack (the movers did the kitchen and other breakables). I swore then that if I ever moved again (and of course, I was never going to), I would spring for the full pack.

Well, here I am six years later, now with two kids instead of one, and lots lots more crap. And, foolishly I decided the packing was too much money.

I think I'm taking a cue from Nick of "New Girl" and make a video to my future self with the follow advice:

"Dear future self,
You are not allowed to move again unless you have enough money to:
a. Have someone pack absolutely all of your stuff. That includes grandma's punch bowl and the kids keepsakes that you classily keep in a Yuengling box.
b. Sell the house fully furnished as if you are some billionaire on "Million Dollar Listing," allowing you to abandon all your possessions and start over again. The kids will live without keepsakes. "

Clearly packing has already caused brain damage. Two weeks until move 1, three weeks until closing on the old house and four weeks until construction begins.


  1. I started the dreadful task of cleaning, decluttering and packing today! I spent hours on my laundry room alone! We are building an Avalon. Follow us here:

  2. Our new house will be house #6. However, most of those moves were company relos, so we didn't pack ourselves. Can I just say how wonderful it is to have a crew of packers come and pack up your home in a matter of a day or two. We've known that we would be moving since late last summer, but I haven't spent much time packing because we are still trying to sell our house and don't want a sea of boxes laying around. However, since we are closing on the new house in 20 days, I'd better get moving on it! Good luck with your packing :)

  3. I know packing sucks but I literally LOL'd at this post. I am DREADING packing and have decided to get a dumpster to just start throwing stuff into. Then they can haul it away and I can be done with it.

  4. Maria - Welcome to the RH blogging club and congrats!

    Rachel - 6 moves. Yikes! I may be close to that number with early 20s apartment moves, but I didn't own any stuff then and friends would move my milk crates for pizza and beer. This is only the second house move and the last! (Famous last words!) Also super jealous of the relos -- packing provided and paid for. =)

    Amy - Thanks for humoring me. I'd rather just pitch it all too!

  5. kids mementos in a beer box! that rocks.
    a different life back and we were moving often with the military and enjoyed the movers doing the work.
    My veterinarian once told me that people suffer from amnesia with two things in life, puppies and babies. I would like to add moving to that distinguished list.