Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A 'man cave' for the couch averse

A guest post from the husband: 

Big Dreams, a walk out basement and a woodshop with a separate door.

I’m a pretty hyper person that likes to tinker and build things.  A problem solver that likes things like tools and gadgets. To see them in use and to break then down and build them back up.  Building, breaking, refining and creating - brings a sense of peace to me whether I learn how something works or I’ve just created something from scratch that has a use.  I rarely read the instruction manuals for things.  Not because I think I know how to build it better but because my mind tends to see how things fit together “automagicly.”  Also, I get so amped up about building something that I start into assembly and get ½ way through before I think about pulling them out.  This tinkering/problem solving ability led me to a career in IT.  

Anyway, because of all this, I’ve always wanted a workshop.  One where I could create little projects for myself to keep my brain occupied. A “man cave” for the couch averse.  As we move forward with our Waverly, the one with the unfinished basement with the extra service door, my dreams will come true.  I’ll get to build a workshop that is roughly 19’ x 25’.  It will have its own service door so I can bring in equipment from the outside and not track it over the wife’s new carpet.  It has its own mud sink, so I don’t need to go upstairs or even use the future basement bathroom.  A house for lawn equipment, woodworking tools, power tools, benches and shelves…. Yes boys, this will be my wonderland. 

In the build out, I’m planning on adding sound-deadening insulation to the ceiling and the separating wall (as it’s right below the family room). I’ll also add a blowout vent for a future dust collection system to keep it as clean as possible. Thankfully my father-in-law is an electrical contractor and loves this idea (also thankful that he seems to like me). So,  he’ll assist with running all the new electrical that I’ll need for bench plugs, power tools, shop lights and the lot.  

Sound Solutions

Dedicated Collection Vacuum

Tool Storage

Do any of you guys out there have any recommendations?


  1. Also...I'm jealous of your walk-out basement!!

  2. I am with you.
    With our walk out, unfinished basement, I am slowly turning one side into my shop area. Like you, I even plan to stow the lawn mower and equipment down there.
    I was rather saddened when I realized my electra glide harley won't fit through the sliding glass door. otherwise, my bike would be stored in the basement during winters!

    1. Sgt.Rich,
      You might want to replace them with French Doors. There are special security hinges where you can have them open to the outside leaving it impossible to push in the doors from the outside. We'll have the french patio doors on one side of the basement and a separate "service" door that is about 36" wide on the other side.

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